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Ideal Guy
The 'Ideal' Guy
The ideal guy would be between 18-35 years old, with few exceptions, physically fit & muscular, athletic in build and body (think- a jock or gymnast), with a great smile (nice teeth), lean and toned (think-a sprinter or runner) and an attractive face. A strong build identified as a "football player build" could qualify.

Most of the models placed identify as "straight" but are willing to do guy-guy work, aka: gay 4 pay. You're maybe thinking: If a guy is having sex with another guy, then he must be gay. That's not true. Yes, some are gay, some are bisexual, but a majority of the guys doing "gay work", are in fact, straight aka heterosexual guys!

For guys who have a vast number of tattoos (ink), placement for you can be challenging since most adult companies find busy tattoos to be distracting, the location, type of tattoo and script can definitely eliminate you from being hired. Each person is different and a decision will be made, case by case.

Body Hair
To be as blunt as possible: STOP SHAVING YOUR PUBES!

Yes, I used all caps, it's that important! If you currently shave, please stop immediately. The reasons will be explained during the interview process.

My process is designed to guide and seamlessly prepare you for your first shoot and what to expect from the adult company that is interested in hiring you.

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