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Additional Information

For guys who have a vast number of tattoos (ink), placement for you can be challenging since most adult companies find busy tattoos to be distracting, the location, type of tattoo and script can definitely eliminate you from being hired. Each person is different and a decision will be made, case by case.

Body Hair
As mentioned elsewhere, STOP SHAVING YOUR PUBES! Natural body hair is important!

A few reasons:

    1. The company hiring you wants to have "men" on their site, hair gives that appearance.

    2. Most people tend to break out with razor burn (red bumps) which WILL show up on camera and look horrible like you have some type of spreadable rash and your scene partner will wonder if it's safe to interact with you (or you wonder about him).

If there is any penetration, you and your scene partner are tested prior to any scenes.

If you happen to test positive for ANYTHING, you're not allowed to work, same for the other performer. Testing is paid for by the site. Usually for oral scenes, testing isn't done. If it's something you want or require beforehand, it's possible the company will ask you to pay for 1/2.

Code of Conduct
As with many jobs, there is a "Code of Conduct" to adhere to. Most importantly, it's about you being professional, prompt/on time, easy to work with, and you are there to do a job.

There is ZERO TOLERANCE DRUG POLICY. It's also strongly suggested that you avoid alcohol during the trip, regardless of your age and regardless of what other performers might be doing.

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